Shakespeare and Other Musings

In the light of the stage, I take my place outside of the spotlight.

Since the third week of classes has concluded, production has finally begun on Pericles! In the interest of confidentiality, I won’t be posting any specifics regarding rehearsals. Suffice it to say, I am really excited to be a part of a production again.  Even the paperwork is intriguing.

On a note from my last post, I had just found that I will no longer have the support of my academic advisor, my anxiety group, nor, after 4 more weeks, my therapist. My goal then, in this interim period, is to get to a point where I will not need these things. I know that I have improved tenfold from when I left university two years ago, and intend to continue improving. My anxiety comes from classes, yet when my classes are of the theatre and directly for the theatre, how can I have worries? I fear Shakespeare may have influenced my cadence as of late, yet, upon this face and within mine own heart, I have a smile…okay I’ll stop I promise.

To move past this worry, my focus has been more on what I will do after graduation.  It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips when talking to me and frankly, I have no idea.  In fact, I am so far in the realm of having no idea, that I don’t even know where I will be living come June.  On the plus side, I am so excited to be finally graduating!  All of this work has been to get my degree and I will not leave this University in this much debt with nothing to show for it. I refuse.

I have been opening some doors in regards to what I’d like to do, ultimately, I’d like to move to New York.  Living in Los Angeles, this is a huge move, but one I believe will be good for me.  I’d much rather live in a compact city where I don’t have to drive and bear with colder weather than sit another hour on the 405 fighting traffic and sweating because my AC is broken. I have lived in a large city before (namely Tokyo) and I loved it and as the theatre is something that interests me more than the film industry, New York seems the ultimate destination for me.

To the journey ahead and the lovely surprises it brings!


About Kathryn Meister

Production Stage Manager.
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