A Sense of Belonging

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” Tom Wolfe

I’ve previously spoken about a desire to move to New York, I’d almost call it more of a calling.  About 2000 people move to NYC every year, but again, almost 2000 leave NYC every year.  I don’t want to be part of the statistic that moves then leaves.  I want to find my home, to find my peers, to find my love.

On that front, I’ve already found one of my loves and that is theatre. The non-permanence of a performance and the exhilaration of everything on the line at once is my adrenaline addiction.  Even now, when I have so much more work than last semester and so much more cause for anxiety, I can handle it. I can deal, because this is what I want to have all my life. I don’t ever see a retirement in my future, nor do I see a constant job. Namely, I appreciate the constant changes of shows that theatre provides and the new challenges it poses every time. No show is the same, even if it’s the same script.

I’ve visited New York once with a friend of mine, for a weekend and fell in love. I stayed with her aunt in the Upper East Side and, while I did not get to more than Mid-City tourist spots, I felt New York for the first time. The hum of her streets, the rhythm of the city, the twinkle of her night. It reminded me of my 5 months spent in Tokyo – when that many people live together in such a small area, the world just sings. New York is a lot like Tokyo, but dirtier and more sexually open. Namely, my kind of town.

I know that I have been lax in my posting, and I’m here to make up for it. Last thursday I opened Pericles and on Sunday it closed. I also got my first professional job in Pasadena and started production on my short play where I am the assistant director rather than the stage manager. But what I’m most excited about, is the fact that I am leaving for a pre-move trip to New York City tomorrow. I’m doing it, I am going to move to New York after graduation. Provided of course that this trip is successful in terms of getting a theatre job after graduation and the roommates I’m meeting with aren’t completely nuts.

But I’m optimistic. Here’s to the next great adventure!


About Kathryn Meister

Production Stage Manager.
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